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WRUP: Home from the holidays edition


Another year has passed us by, but WRUP is always thinking of the next weekend's gametime.The holiday season has come and gone and the WoW Insider team are (mostly) getting back into the game after a chaotic week of holiday festivity. There's plenty to do in the new year, from raiding to PvPing to questing to alting. So what are we playing this weekend?

Adam Holisky: Finding some time to actually play the game. During that precious time I'll be leveling up my dual boxed recruit-a-friend Hunter and Paladin. Level 20 in 5 hours! Woo!
Alex Ziebart: Staying true to my resolution from yesterday's Breakfast Topic and working on PvP. I'm Shadow in raids, and switch back to Disc right after to dig into Wintergrasp and the BGs. I uh, don't have an arena team yet, which makes that 'don't suck at arenas' part hard to accomplish, but I'm getting there! I actually remembered that I have to switch glyphs around when I respec today. Glyph of Shadow doesn't do a lot for me when I'm Discipline, does it? Glyph of Power Word: Shield and Glyph of Dispel Magic on the other hand...

And the rest of the team? Keep reading!

Allison Robert: Running yet another (probably fruitless) heroic Sethekk in pursuit of the raven mount, and (in deference to my New Year's WoW resolution) leveling an alt.
Chase Christian: Grinding honor in premade Strand of the Ancient groups for the wicked expensive Deadly off-set gear.
Christian Belt: Dailies, dailies, dailies. And then...probably some more dailies. PvP, Cooking, rep quests, it's all good as far as I'm concerned. Also, I'll do a bit of questing in Storm Peaks and/or Icecrown so that I can finish off the Loremaster of Northrend achievement and tailor myself a nice new cloak. No Mage is complete without a sexy cape.
Daniel Whitcomb: I finally hit the Defense cap, or close enough to it, that I am running heroic dungeons, and I'm hoping to have enough badges for the tanking belt by the end of the month. I'm also working on my much neglected Oracle faction so I can finally start buying Mysterious Eggs and trying for a Green Protodrake.
Dan O'Halloran: Like Adam I am leveling a Hunter/Paladin duo using Recruit-a-friend. Also continuing to level my feral cat Druid who is now 75 while trying not to go broke respeccing to Resto or Balance when I run an instance. Did Violet Hold for the first time and loved it. Going to run it again for the key. Will continue Wintergarde quest chain in Dragonblight to finish Wrathgate line.
Elizabeth Harper: Raid sign-ups look like I'm the only healer available for Obsidian Sanctum tonight. This should be... interesting!
Elizabeth Wachowski: I'll be finishing up quests in Sholazar and hopefully getting closer to 80 on my main. If the queues continue as bad as they have on my server, though, I'll probably be freaking myself out by playing Bioshock on my new 360.
Krystalle Voecks: I'm going to try to catch up to my other half's shaman this weekend, and just enjoy a relaxing weekend of not-holiday-insanity.
Lisa Poisso: Contemplating Naxx and wondering how we got here so fast ... and how long we can make this last.
Mike Schramm: Hit 80 this week, so now going back to do Kalu'ak rep, then Oracles, and eventually go for one of the protodrake mounts.
Matt Low: Debating leveling my third healer (Paladin).
Michael Sacco: Driving back to Texas, where I'll see glorious broadband and my poor neglected WoW.exe again.
Matthew Rossi: Leveling my DK when I have time. The other stuff I mentioned before.
Robin Torres: I'll be leveling the Mage some more through Outland, but I'm also feeling like playing one of my DKs this weekend. The only question is: Gnome or Forsaken?

And what are you playing this weekend?

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