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7-in-1 charging cable is the solution to all of life's problems


... Provided that your problems are entirely limited to ownership of many recent handheld gaming devices, and inability to manage the large number of wall chargers required for such a collection. But if you find yourself burdened by too many wall warts, this item from Brando will change your life.

Basically, it's USB on one end (for your "USB solts"), and ... Game Boy Advance SP, DS, DS Lite, DSi, and PSP on the other. This single, compact, $7 item charges any of those handhelds through your computer's USB port (or your Wii's, for that matter).

Now for the standard disclaimer: there's a certain element of fear when dealing with a company like Brando for something like guiding electricity into your expensive devices. We've used some Dragon USB charging cable for the DS Lite for months with nothing to report but convenience, but your mileage may vary! As far as off-brand accessories go, a cable seems pretty okay, but we don't feel comfortable being the authority on that.

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