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Latest CE Pro Magazine reveals the ZeeVee ZvPro

Ben Drawbaugh

Well looky here, the wonders that is print media isn't useless just yet -- thanks to very long lead times and an ambitious postal worker, the latest edition of CE Pro Magazine reveals the evidently soon to be announced ZvPro. The ad doesn't offer up enough details for us, but it does look like some of our biggest gripes about the original ZeVee Box are addressed. For example, now we have component and Toslink input as well as RS-232 control and an IR port -- no indication if that is an input or an output. The rack mountable device is obviously geared towards the prosumer so it isn't too much of a stretch to assume this little baby will demand a premium price -- if we were the betting type, we'd have our money on over $800. But even at that price, we're sure this box will find at least a few homes as there are plenty of people trying to figure out how to send HD over the existing coax in their home without mounting a STB on the wall below the HDTV.

[Thanks, Utah]

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