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Shrouded Macworld banners ready for Tuesday

Robert Palmer

This is how you know you're an Apple fan: AppleInsider's pictures of covered banners at Moscone Center make you desperately want to know what's on them.

Five 60-foot banners grace the South hall, while Apple's booth on the expo floor has massive banners hanging from the ceiling, hidden behind black cloth.

AppleInsider also has pictures of the mobile production studio that will handle Tuesday's keynote presentation. Inside, you can see engineers setting up camera angles and making finishing touches for Phil Schiller's talk.

The keynote presentation begins Tuesday, January 6 at 9 a.m. Pacific Time (noon Eastern), but TUAW's coverage will begin early that morning. If you're interested in drinking from the firehose of Macworld news from the show floor, feel free to follow Twitter user @tuaw_mwsf09. (Otherwise, our regular Twitter stream, @tuaw, will remain at a moderate volume.)

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