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The Daily Grind: How was Keg End?

Michael Zenke

With all the holiday hootnannying, we never really had the chance to ask you how your holiday in Warhammer went. All the other games were rolling out pretty familiar offerings for us this year, from World of Warcraft's tried-and-true Winter Veil to the Hobbity fun of Lord of the Rings Online's Yule Festival. Warhammer's brand-new live event, "Keg End" was a unique offering this year, and from the sound of things offered a lot of fun times. Festive fireworks were fired, unique holiday experience bonuses were all around, and the fest itself offered a lot of holiday-themed tasks for players to sink their teeth into.

Our question to you this morning is simple: How was it? Did you have a chance to participate in the keggy goodness? Was Ogre-killing and seeking the Golden Stein as much fun as the merry Mythic rhyme made it sound? Did you manage to obtain the Elite reputation reward for completing all of the event's tasks? Let us know in the comments below while some of us are still getting over our own keg-related events ...

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