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iMacworld App Update


Now that I'm firmly situated in my hotel suite in San Francisco, it's time to get ready for Macworld Expo 2009. A couple of weeks ago iMacworld (click opens iTunes) was announced by IDG and as an iPhone helper for Expo-goers.

Version 1.1 of this free app is much improved, with a finalized list of exhibitors, products, and sessions. There are also small banner ads at the bottom of each page that load quickly and give booth numbers for the products advertised. The update also features "stability improvements", although it locked up my iPhone 3G once when I tapped on the link to find a vendor location on a map.

iMacworld is definitely going to be a help as your TUAW team navigates around the Expo to find new and exciting items for you. Be sure to stay tuned all week as we provide coverage of everything happening here in SF...and more!

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