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New Illinois law bans Alcopop depictions from children's games

We'll be the first ones to admit when video games cross the line in terms of containing content not suitable for kids -- GTA IV, for instance, contains a cornucopia of foul language and violence that youngsters probably shouldn't be privy to. In that respect, we can understand the justification behind a bill that would ban the sale of violent games to minors -- though we would strongly disagree with such a measure.

However, this latest piece of video game legislation is beyond all comprehension -- Illinois legislators (who attempted to pass a violent game ban in 2005 until it was -- of course -- found unconstitutional by a federal judge) recently passed a bill banning the advertisement, promotion or marketing of Alcopop beverages in children-centric video games (as well as theater performances and concerts). That means no more depictions of Boone's Farm and Smirnoff Ice in all T-rated and under titles -- assuming there are any such depictions to begin with, which we highly doubt.

Even if there's some unknown genre of kids' games that are just rife with Zima product placements, it's unlikely that there is a substantial enough state interest to justify the passing of such a regulation. Oh, screw it. We're not going to try to apply reason to an unreasonable government action. We want youngsters to stay away from Mike's Hard just as much as the next lot, but legislation banning its endorsement in a medium whose regulatory body already prohibits such endorsements is a complete waste of everyone's time.

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