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Sprint hopeful to take WiMAX live in Chicago by end of 2009

Chris Ziegler

We'd kill to understand the politics, technical issues, or combination thereof that are responsible for stopping Sprint from taking its long-completed Chicago WiMAX footprint live. Not only has the launch now missed its 2008 target window -- at this point, the company is merely saying that it's hopeful to launch the network "in the latter half of the year," where "year" is 2009. Meanwhile, Chicagoans are rife in 4G (or so Sprint and WiMAX's backers are billing it, anyhow) that they're unable to use, and if this all boils down to a delay due to a branding transition, that's a year of wheel-spinning buffoonery that Sprint and Clearwire really can't afford to waste -- especially with LTE pilot markets right around the corner.

[Thanks, David C.]

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