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T-Mobile-branded 7510 Supernova revealed on Nokia's website

Chris Ziegler

Want to "add a little fun to your social life"? Of course you do, and Nokia thinks that an American rendition of the 7510 Supernova is just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, AWS 3G apparently has nothing to do with adding said fun -- the T-Mobile version of the 7510 is EDGE-only, just like its international cousin -- but you'll get a fashion-forward flip with a hidden secondary display, 2-megapixel cam with LED flash, microSD expansion, FM radio, and a QVGA screen for what we can only guess will be a fairly awesome price. It'll come in red, aquamarine, and brown, but it hasn't really been announced just yet; Nokia introduced some T-Mobile stuff at CES last year, so we wouldn't be surprised to see them do the same this time around.

[Thanks, youngcalihottie]

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