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Aeeeris kit turns Eee into UMPC, is later killed by Seeephiroth

Tim Stevens

Eee-branded tablets and UMPCs may be coming, but if you want one right now your only option is to do it yourself. You could go the duct tape DIY route, but those looking for a more aesthetically pleasing path should instead think about ordering up an Aeeeris conversion kit. It's basically a $60 reverse-facing replacement bezel for a 700-series netbook, providing indentations for the touch-screen LCD, its controller, and a pair of speakers (all sold separately). Supposedly the conversion is a "breeze," but after watching installation vids we're not so sure we'd agree with that -- nor the marketing spiel on the site that labels this as a low-cost solution for small businesses. Still, if you're looking for a tablet on the cheap, missed out on the $600 tx2500z last month, and don't have any qualms about dissecting your Eee, hit up the read link and order today.

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