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Bob's Saga rumbles on


We've been following the Bob's Game drama for a while now, and it's just taken another weird/potentially controversial turn. After sealing himself in his bedroom (see: above) in a bid to obtain a development kit from Nintendo, Bob's Game creator Robert Pelloni recently threatened to release his "masterpiece" on a DSi-compatible flash cart, thus "significantly cut[ting] into Nintendo's bottom line."

Now, in a selectbutton forum thread, Pelloni claims that a Chinese firm has approached him and offered to release Bob's Game on a flash cart, and says that a distribution deal with Wal-Mart could be on the cards.

Pelloni argues that such a move means both parties win: he gets his game onto store shelves, while the mysterious Chinese company has a legitimate reason to sell a flash cart in a major retailer. We would argue that his actions are quickly severing any potential future ties that could exist between himself and Nintendo.

We also advise giving the thread in question a quick read, if only for the part where Pelloni indirectly compares himself to Shigeru Miyamoto.


[Via Siliconera]

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