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Bureaucratic drama: India wants to double 3G license prices

Chris Ziegler

Just as carriers (and would-be carriers) were likely scraping up the necessary 20 billion rupees to plunk down for a national 3G license over in India, the government wants to switch things up double down. The country's Finance Ministry has apparently asked the Department of Telecom to ask for some 40 billion rupees as a minimum bid price now -- that's about $840 million for those who don't have the Indian rupee-to-American dollar conversion table memorized -- which would automatically require Cabinet and regulatory re-approval, ensuring a delay of the January 30 date that had been previously scheduled for bidding to begin. Confusingly, the Finance Ministry indicates the proposed change is a response to lukewarm demand for licenses from foreign, non-Indian companies; the thought is that doubling the minimum might force out some local players and reignite interest from some global wireless heavyweights. Weird how that works.

[Via mocoNews]

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