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Creative Zen Zii screenshots unearthed, possibly faked


As you know, we've been hearing some mind-blowing Zii hype lately. If this latest rumor has any weight to it, among earth-shattering revelations unearthed in Creative's booth at CES will be a Zii-powered Zen. Of course, screenshots like these can be faked all too easily -- but really, why would anyone bother? What we have here is something that resembles previous Zen interfaces, formatted landscape rather than portrait, with what appears to be a widescreen display. Really, guys? Is this what passes for "revolutionary" these days? Call us jaded, but it's rather hard for us to believe that any PMP would have the power to "better lives beyond our imagination." Unless, of course, you're talking about the MySpace MP3 player. We so want one of those.

[Thanks, Oscar M.]

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