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Gaming to Go: The Quest Trio (p3)


You have a pretty good deal here, considering that the entire package runs for only twenty dollars. Mah Jong Quest Expeditions and Jewel Quest Expeditions both debuted for around the same price back in 2007, so getting both of them with a new game entirely for the same cost makes for a bargain-hunter's dream. If you're looking for solid incarnations of Bejeweled and Mahjong to bring with you on the road, the versions included here rise to the task admirably. The strange game of solitaire thrown in is worth giving a go too, so what are you waiting for?

Ready for the stats?

Sleep time: Not a single title in the trio will pause for you, but nor do they really need to given that the games aren't time-based affairs.

Load time: Around twenty-five seconds to get going with one of the games, courtesy of the usual culprits. On the bright side, though, one of the corporate logos is a surprisingly entertaining animation!

Play time: A single level in each game should run you around five minutes, with exceptions made for the Mahjong puzzle mode, for instance. That one probably depends on how much empty space you have between your ears.

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