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Gauntlet delayed again?

What's become of Gauntlet DS? The game was first announced last April, with a then-lightning fast release scheduled for a mere two months later. But June came and went with no multiplayer hack-n-slash game anywhere to be seen, and after a time, we were told October. Later, February. Now? According to GameStop, we might see Gauntlet in April, a year after the game's initial confirmation. And even that's not official.

So what's happened to the game? "Official" hands-on reports and impressions have been positive, even when they criticize certain aspects of the game, like its framerate (from impressions of last year's version), though some of our readers have reported negatively on the game. After so many delays, we have to assume Backbone Entertainment was doing something to the game, but what, we just don't know.

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