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Lucky Bags sold in Japanese Apple Store


Fukubukuro, or "Mystery Bag," is a Japanese New Year's Day tradition during which merchants sell sealed bags of various items at a substantial discount, often as high as 50%. Apple participated this year, and one lucky shopper, Justin, blogged his experience.

For the approximate equivalent of $384US, Justin received

  • an 8 GB iPod touch
  • Nike iPod sensor and armband
  • Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere2 speaker set
  • Cool, re-useable bag (at right)
  • Commemorative T-shirt
  • 2009 calendar

Quite a haul! Shoppers lined up at midnight on January 2nd for a chance to buy one of Apple's Mystery Bags. I'm thinking that US retailers need to adopt this tradition.

[Via ifoAppleStore]

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