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More people web browse on PS3 than Wii

Majed Athab

In addition to PS3's recent and stunning victory over GameCube in terms of "video game console usage," the ebony mammoth also one-ups over Nintendo's current console, Wii. According to statistical data gathered by Market Share, the PS3's internal web browser accounts for 0.04 percent of all internet users while Wii (the only other current gen console to have a browser) only measures up to a 0.01 percent share.

The PS3's free browser is probably one factor which gives it an edge over the Wii's $5 Opera Internet Channel. Unfortunately, as the trifling amounts show, neither system seems to really dent PC's 88.7 percent dominance. We guess people enjoy their game blogs, lol kittehs and pRon the traditional way.

[Via Joystiq via Edge Online]

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