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Nintendo serves up Mario Tennis trailers


Over at the official site for the Wii de Asobu (Play on Wii, or NEW PLAY CONTROL!) series, there's a pair of Japanese commercials for the Mario Power Tennis remake, as well as a far lengthier gameplay trailer.

The adverts we can take or leave, consisting as they do of the usual telegenic Japanese families bouncing around their pristine living rooms. The gameplay clip is worth watching, as it displays the various shots that can be achieved through a well-timed flick of the wrist (top-spin, side-spin, slices, drop shots, etc.). We hope mixing up our shots actually has an effect on the game, because we always found Wii Sports tennis to be not-quite-as-advertised in this respect (though we're willing to accept we just may be rubbish at Wii Sports tennis).

Oh yes, and these are non-embeddable, so you'll have to go to the site to watch them. And they call this 2009!

Source: TV commercial 1
Source: TV commercial 2
Source: Gameplay trailer

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