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Oregon Scientific rolls out (mostly) new product line at CES


Well, it looks like Oregon Scientific will be making a respectable enough showing at CES, with it set to show off a mix of old-ish products like the ACT5K action camera pictured at right, and some new and updated products that it'll apparently only be fully taking the wraps off at the big show. Those include the portable SimpleCast device, which promises to provide to provide quick and easy weather information for all of the U.S., the SmartGlobe Elite, an updated version of its existing internet-updateable desktop globe, and the Desktop Emergency Radio Weather Station, which offers SAME alert programming capabilities and other weather alerts, along with temperature information and, of course, an LED backlit display. No word on prices or release dates for any of those just yet, unfortunately, but we're guessing those details will be making themselves known in the days ahead.

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