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Sonic fan gets town's pet hedgehog ban overturned


An 11-year-old Sonic fan's crusade has overturned a citywide ban on hedgehogs in Lawrence, Kansas. As reported by KTKA, young Judson King wanted one of the super-fast and incredibly agile rodents as a pet, but they were illegal, so he spent three years getting a brief together petitioning city commissioners to overturn the law. The town elders couldn't find a reason behind the blue creatures' banning in the first place, so Master King now has his own pet hedgehog -- Luke.

After doing some research of our own, we've discovered the reason Lawrence banned hedgehogs in the first place. In 1944, a Dr. Eikopf Robotniksky settled in Lawrence, and he just so happened to own a pet echidna. Echidnas and hedgehogs do not get along well, and thus hedgehogs were given the boot. No, really. We're not making this up.

[Via GamePolitics]

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