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Tabula Rasa burial ground, behind EB Games

Shawn Schuster

Despite the title of this Kotaku post, I still refuse to call Tabula Rasa a bad game. Sure it's certainly not an encouraging sign to see dozens of sealed TR boxes filling a dumpster behind an EB Games in Canada, but I am not going to jump on that wagon.

In this Kotaku post, we see two reader-submitted photos of said dumpster, and it really makes me sad to think about where those games could have gone instead. I wonder if they first tried to give them away for free, or perhaps the EB Games upper management told them that it's not even worth the shelf space, considering their PC shelf space is shrinking every day anyway. Would you have taken a free copy of Tabula Rasa, just to play it out completely free these last six weeks? Am I being a complete fanboy? Yes, but I know I've never had a stronger compulsion to dumpster dive in my life.

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