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Hitachi "Unlimited" CES theme shows some realistic boundaries for 2009


Hitachi asked itself "what if...?" prior to CES 2009, and its best idea included a "Style-Unlimited" corner for its booth, said to feature design ideas that match the craftsmanship of its TVs with stands and frames made of Japanese lacquer and gold leaf. Immediately refocusing on "what is..." -- a questionable economy and wary buyers -- the 2009 line of UT HDTVs will expand primarily by carrying a more mainstream pricetag and now standard 1080p / 120Hz features. For those still living the dream, Hitachi's managed to narrowly beat its previous best with a 15mm thick 37-inch LED backlit display , while the 50-inch UltraThin plasma from CEDIA comes along for the ride. Also making celebrity appearances? 2010's finest Super Resolution upconverting technology plus the always hilarious Gesture Control TV demo. Excited or depressed, we can't decide.

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