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Macworld discount offered for TextSoap


One of my biggest pet peeves when dealing with text from outside sources is the amount of clean up I often have to do. The easiest solution is to strip all of the code, but then it's an equally painstaking task to reformat it.

TextSoap is one of several applications that offers text filtering that allows you to have control over how you clean up your text. There are more than 100 cleaners built into the software, the ability to create customized cleaners, and integrates with Automator and AppleScript.

In honor of Macworld 2009, TextSoap 6 is currently on sale for 15% off the retail price of $39.95 for a single seat and $69.95 for a family pack through January 16. Use the code MACWORLD2009 when purchasing the software. TextSoap 6 requires OS X 10.5 or later.

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