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Microsoft doesn't intend on using Home

Jem Alexander

Well duh. Did you really think that Microsoft would seriously use Home to conduct virtual business meetings? It was a fun idea, but one that turns out to be false according to CVG. Microsoft says they "will not be using Home as a tool for virtual meetings. With fantastic Microsoft-developed products and applications like Live Meeting and even Xbox Live Party, we have everything we need to host a virtual meeting in-house"

But on the other hand, if you were Microsoft would you admit to using a competitor's product to conduct your business? Not only does it disparage your own products, but think of the intelligence gathering potential for Sony. We already know their moderators are invisible within Home. There could be one sitting in the corner of the meeting room, listening to every word.

As far as we know the other companies mentioned in the initial report are still planning on hosting these virtual meetings. Hope we haven't put them off ...

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