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PPC sees an opportunity, debuts its own locking HDMI cable

Darren Murph

At first, we figured this whole locking HDMI cable fad would blow over in a matter of weeks. Clearly, we don't have nearly the amount of earthquakes, rambunctious children or wild animals running through the house as the general public. Out of seemingly nowhere, yet another outfit has emerged to showcase its own locking HDMI cable. PPC is sliding into CES in order to launch an HDMI cable (which is likely a rebadged Ottovonmo) with patented technology to hold it onto a port "with a strength that is three times greater than found in conventional connectors." So yeah, if you're fed up with your HDMI cable coming unplugged at the worst possible times (seriously, has anyone ever had this happen on a regular basis?), you can snag the 3-footer for $48.99, the 6-footer for $59.99 or the 12-footer for $72.99.

[Via Electronic House]

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