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Reeves: PlayStation 'on target' to start earning profit


Step 1: Release PlayStation 3.

Step 2: ?????

Step 3: Profit!

David Reeves, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, believes that Sony is "on target" to figure out that elusive second step. "The most important thing for us as a company in the very short term is for us to start making money," Reeves explained rather candidly in a recent article on the official PlayStation website. "This is a pledge that was made last March and is something that we are still very much on target to achieve." His tone was considerably more positive than one adopted by recent rumors, which have Sony on the "brink of upheaval."

Quizzed -- or rather, politely asked to contribute in a promotional piece -- about 2009's most exciting developments, Reeves noted that once the company's flagship system is out of the financial woods, things will really take off for PlayStation and its fans. "2009 promises to be a very exciting year for PS3, with blockbuster titles such as Heavy Rain and Killzone 2 coming out, whilst we have the music and video download service becoming available towards the end of the year," he said. And don't forget about our pal, the PSP, which will have games taking "full advantage of the new enhanced screen."

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