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VIA's dual-core Nano still on track, but it's not the Nano 3000

Darren Murph

We know, we can't imagine how this naming convention could be confusing at all, but VIA's vice president of corporate marketing Richard Brown has stepped forward to clarify things a bit. In short, that Nano 3000 we heard about a few days back will not be dual-core, but the firm is still lining up a dual-core version of its Nano processor in order to totally slay Intel's Atom in the future. According to Mr. Brown: "The Nano 3000 isn't dual-core. It's a different version of the Nano that's based on a more advanced manufacturing process." So, the take-home here is that VIA actually has a couple of new chips in the pipeline worth keeping an eye on, and we're even told that the Q4 release date for the still-elusive dual-core CPU remains solid. CES 2010 sure seems like a swell launching pad, no?

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