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Bomberman 2 exploding in Europe next month


Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Konami has revealed it will bring Custom Battle Bomberman to Europe next month, on February 13 (so now you know how to win our hearts, in time for the following day). For its western debut, the game will be known by the far blander moniker of Bomberman 2.

As the Japanese title suggests, customization is the name of the game here. An extensive (and busy-looking) create-your-own-Bomberman mode will allow you to design your own explosives-toting hero, to be used in the rest of the game. According to Konami's press release, over 160,000 combinations will be possible. According to us, all will look better than the Bombermen from Bomberman: Act Zero.

After bolting your Bomberman together, you'll be able to use your creation in Wi-Fi battles for up to four players, or fight in wireless matches for up to eight. Sure, it doesn't beat the ten-player matches of Saturn Bomberman that molded us into the people we are today, but it's not such a logistical nightmare!


[Via press release]

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