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EA expands Nintendo focus, announces TWO MySims games for Wii/DS


Things aren't going so well in the world of EA. Disappointing sales of games like Mirror's Edge and Dead Space have forced the company to restructure, letting go of 10% of its workforce. However, we see newfound hope for the company's bottom line with its latest Nintendo-focused efforts. EA is planning on expanding the MySims franchise with two new games that truly broaden what's possible in gaming.

MySims Party promises to turn any gathering into an "instant party" by offering -- wait for it -- a variety of minigames to play with. Shake the Wii Remote to partake in 50 minigames, ranging from snowboarding to dancing. The DS version will feature 40 stylus-powered minigames. 2K Games also created a similarly innovative title, which sold over a million copies.

In addition to the wildly innovative MySims Party, EA has another sure-fire hit on its hands. Nintendo fans will absolutely adore MySims Racing. We don't want to spoil the game's unique offering, so we placed that trailer after the break.

It's a cart racing game.

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