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eeeMac creator tells you how to do it yourself


A little while ago, we posted about Gregory Cohen's eeeMac -- he modded an eeePC into an OS X-running ultraportable, including adding a little Apple icon on the back. And now, he's posted how he did it all on a blog, so that if you've got a few Saturday afternoons, an eeePC to destroy, and a big interest in making a really tiny (fake) Mac, you can do it too. And even if you don't want to crack the case and do a little modding, you can still try to just get OS X running on the little machine -- Gregory has done all the hard work for you and boiled everything you need down into a 22mb disk image (you'll also need a retail OS X disc, of course).

Very cool. I'd never have the time or insight to put one of these together, but I can definitely marvel at the achievement.

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