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Griffin freaks out on the accessory tip

Nilay Patel

Tons of little accessories from Griffin today -- here's a quick breakdown, pictures in the gallery!

  • SmartTalk Bluetooth headset: dual-mic headset featuring STEPvoice "acoustic voice separation" technology to kill background and wind noise, and features voice feedback during pairing. $100, now shipping, or wait until February to buy it in a bundle with the PowerJolt car charger for $120.
  • TuneBuds Fit: In-ear headphones with 10mm drivers in an "anatomically correct" aluminum curved design. Sure, okay. They'll be $50 in February.
  • Noise-reducing auxiliary audio cable: Car-oriented headphone cable with an inline dual-element noise filter to eliminate hum from vehicle electrical systems. If you need this -- you know if you do, trust us -- it'll be well worth the $20 in February.
  • SmartShare USB: Sure, lots of people could use this $20 two-port USB hub with a unique splitter-like design, but Griffin's targeting it at MacBook Air owners, because let's face it -- it's fun to point out how limited the MacBook Air is.
  • PowerBlock Reserve: Adds a removable battery to the popular PowerBlock USB charger that allows it to charge your iPod / iPhone away from an outlet. A little steep at $40, but the battery is held in place magnetically for extra awesomeness.
  • PowerJolt Reserve: Same deal as the PowerBlock, but in an iPod / iPhone car charger package.
  • Charge Converter FireWire to USB: We're still unclear as to why all these iPhone 3G FireWire charging adapters are all so expensive, but $30 will get you Griffin's take on the idea sometime later this month.

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