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Pantech's SKY IM-S390 "Cupid" doesn't inspire a lot of love

Chris Ziegler

We're not sure why Pantech would bother attaching such a lofty, lovely name to such a positively pedestrian handset, but let's be straight: any manufacturer with a phone named "Duke" probably works in ways we don't fully understand. Like just about every domestic Korean handset you can find, this one features a T-DMB tuner -- which is cool, we guess -- and it's just 12.5mm thick on the slim battery. Thing is, the QVGA display and lousy 1.3-megapixel cam aren't going to turn any heads, so we s'pose they'll be leaning on the cute name and the three-pack of cute colors to do that, eh?

[Via Unwired View]

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