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Sigma intros Blu-ray-optimized media processor, pledges support for Adobe Flash Lite

Darren Murph

Not, you're not having some awful case of déjà vu, Sigma Designs is indeed outing a new Blu-ray-optimized chip here at CES. The new SMP8642 media processor was designed from the ground-up for "mainstream Blu-ray players," and coupled with the firm's Profile 2.0 software suite, it supposedly provides a high performance interactive experience. Not quite sure if that translates to "quicker than usual," but we'll take whatever improvements we can get. In related news, it also announced today that it will integrate Adobe Flash Lite software into its SoC solutions for next-gen televisions and web services. So, what's it mean? It could mean that future set-top-boxes with this mojo within could have all new access to online content, which is obviously a huge theme (along with 3D) at this year's show. For all the details, well, you know where to head.

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