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Brutal Legend began with multiplayer (don't you remember?)

It's true that here at Joystiq, we know everything there is to know about the French joystick industry (c'est magnifique!); however, MTV Multiplayer does not, despite its namesake, know everything there is to know about multiplayer gaming. So, you can imagine their surprise upon learning that Brütal Legend – newly partnered with EA ... Partners – does in fact have a multiplayer component. Well, if you want details, the Game Developers Conference panel description they pulled this factoid from specified it would be "multiplayer" of the "rich" variety but that's all its got.

Of course, being video game experts, we vividly remember every detail of that November 2007 IGN Australia interview with Tim Schafer, wherein he revealed that Double Fine actually "tackled [multiplayer] first and that's how [it] came up with the core gameplay mechanic that [it's] now using in the single player game." Want more details on the multiplayer mechanic? According to Tim "Freaking" Schafer, "It's more focused on ... large battles" – what IGN calls, and Tim confirms, is real "army versus army" stuff.

Wow, we can't believe MTV Multiplayer didn't remember that interview. A classic!

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[Via MTV Multiplayer]

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