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CES 2009: 'Real' Pip-Boy revealed, Vault-Tec stock soars


In the bowels of CES, Engadget discovered the first sign that the nuclear holocaust foretold in the Fallout series is approaching. Yes, what you see above is a Pip-Boy prototype. Sure, Universal Display Corporation hasn't given a name to its 4-inch, flexible, wrist-worn OLED display (designed for the Brotherhood of Steel military), but we know exactly what we'll be using this handy thing for in the future -- well, those of us who survive, at least.

Perhaps we can put this in a way that'll convey the seriousness of this situation:

Step 1: Pip-Boy invented.
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Nuclear holocaust.

Check out a video of the device after the break. Start saving for your vault cot now!

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