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CoD 4: Over 10 million served, 2.8% survive 'Airplane' on veteran


Infinity Ward Community Manager Robert Bowling Fourzerotwo has released some player statisticalz from a little game called Call of Duty 4. The data, pulled on Jan. 3, reveals that 10 million unique users have played CoD 4 on Xbox 360 and connected to Live "at least once" after playing.

Going deeper down the fox hole (yes, it's called a mixed metaphor), Infinity Ward checked specific data on certain levels:
  • 71.1%, or 7,111,508 people have completed F.N.G.
  • 68.8%, or 6,886,509 people have completed Cargo Ship.
  • 46.5%, or 5,654,643 people have beaten the game on any difficulty.
  • 2.8%, or 283,632 people have completed Airplane on Veteran difficulty.

Comparatively, pulling the multiplayer numbers from PSN revealed 4,381,276 unique users. Now we just want to know how many tries it took that 2.8% to complete Airplane on Veteran.

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