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CoD4 logs 10 million 360 gamers since launch

Dustin Burg

Call of Duty 4 community manager fourzerotwo decided to post some statistical CoD4 fun. And after some quick number crunching, we learn that (on the Xbox 360 alone) over 10 million unique players have logged onto Xbox Live to game it up on CoD4 since launch. Not too shab. Taking into account the PS3's unique player numbers, CoD4 has logged over 14 million players total.

Look below for more statistical CoD4 number fun, including the number of gamers who have completed Airplane on Veteran difficulty. Mr. Xav de Matos wanted us to point out that he helped contribute to the 2.8% completion rate. He so l33t.

  • 71.1% have completed F.N.G.
  • 68.8% have completed Cargo Ship
  • 46.5% have beaten the game on any difficulty.
  • 2.8% have completed Airplane on Veteran difficulty.

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