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Hulu on its way to the SageTV HD Theater

Ben Drawbaugh

Although most of us didn't think Hulu stood a chance, it has not only proven us wrong in a big way, but now it's the hottest online source for video, featuring some of the best shows on television. The problem of course is that despite what some may tell you, most people want to enjoy their TV shows on their TV -- shocker huh? So we were happy to see that an already very useful media streamer like the new SageTV HD Theater has a working Hulu demo at CES. The bad news is that it isn't out in public beta yet and from the sounds of it, it doesn't integrate as tightly with SageTV as much as we'd like. The good side of this is that a SageTV server won't be required to use the new feature, but yeah we want our cake and eat it too.

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