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jOG, for the laziest gamers


If you want to, you can really get into a Wii game. Sure, it's possible to play most of 'em from the deepest recess of the sofa (even Wii Fit, if you want to cheat, you cheater), but alternately, if you feel like running back and forth in an aggressive game of Wii Sports tennis, or jogging until your legs fall off with Wii Fit, you can. But you've got to have the proper motivation first. For some, that's as simple as finding joy in bouncing around aimlessly ... and for others, that motivation lies in being forced to respond like a trained monkey run about in order to get your controller to respond.

It's a neat idea in theory, and one we've seen before, but the execution of this one may be somewhat lacking. How are you expected to do any precise aiming, or, hell, accomplish anything at all while jogging in place? Worse, you probably have to jog with authority just to get everything to register.

They'll probably sell oodles of 'em, regardless.

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