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Macworld 2009: IPEVO shows off photo frames and more


Peripheral vendor IPEVO may have just dipped a toe in the Mac market last year with compatible iChat and Skype speakerphone devices, but it looks like a full-court press coming from them in 2009. At Macworld Expo, IPEVO is showing a full suite of audio (conference phones, handsets and more for VoIP services and iChat), video (a slimline camera) and especially photos -- the upcoming Kaleida digital frames, showing here and at CES, look remarkably good.

The wired and wireless frames, expected to ship in March under the $200 price point, allow for photo offloads from memory cards or from the Mac, subscription to Flickr or RSS feeds, and selected Google widgets (weather, calendar, news or financial data), all on a bright 7" screen. You can control the displayed content from your computer, or via a handy iPhone app.

We took a brief photo and video tour of the new products in the Dr. Bott vendor pavilion. Enjoy!

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