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Mad Catz announces SFIV controllers, accessories


click to see this bad boy in hi-res

Mad Catz has announced a new line of controllers and accessories designed especially with Street Fighter fans in mind. First up, the company has the FightPad, which features an arcade style six button layout and (blessedly) a floating eight-way D-pad. For more serious fighting fanatics, there is the FightStick an arcade style joystick with an eight button layout. For really serious fighting fans, there's the FightStick Tournament, which features authentic Sanwa parts. In fact, it uses the same parts found in actual Street Fighter IV arcade cabinets. As if that weren't enough, the design of the FightStick Tournament is being overseen by SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono himself. Also on offer will be a Street Fighter IV faceplate, wall scroll, and (ahem) Console Skinz.

All the Street Fighter IV Mad Catz products are scheduled to ship alongside the release of the game in February. No prices have been announced yet, which means we can still dream that the FightStick Tournament will be offered for the low, low price of free. Find a gallery of the new controllers below.

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