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New MMO announced from the Entropia Universe platform: Planet Calypso

Shawn Schuster

It seems Entropia Universe has fully embraced the "world building" aspect of its virtual space. Evolving from a virtual world to a virtual world development platform, MindArk has announced the creation of a new subsidiary named First Planet, which will operate, develop and market a new MMO entitled Planet Calypso. Since this MMO will be created through Entropia's guidance and tools, it will be built on the Entropia Universe platform and be considered one of EU's planets.

The scope of First Planet won't stop at Planet Calypso, though. It has been created to "solely focus on platform development suitable for a wide range of industries interested in utilizing the opportunities of the 3D internet." Other upcoming planets include Creative Kingdom, China Recreative Dreamland, Next Island and See. Find out more information on the press release and MindArk's plans with their upcoming platforms at Worlds in Motion or the Entropia Universe website.

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