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Oracles or the Frenzyheart, which did you choose?

Alex Ziebart

Dear readers, I come to you with a humble request: Sate my curiosity. Those of you who have leveled high enough to reach Sholazar Basin, which of the two factions did you choose? The Oracles or the Frenzyheart?

I know for sure that there will be more Oracles than Frenzyheart out there, the gorlocs are just much more tolerable than the softknuckle jabbing bastards, and their Mysterious Egg is far cooler than anything the wolvar offer. What I'm interested in seeing is just how big that rift is right now. Of course, our readership here isn't indicative of the entire playerbase, but I think the numbers will be interesting regardless.

So which is it for you? The big-tongues or the puppymen? What made you decide to pick who you did?


Personally, I went with the Oracles. I'm not a mount collector or a pet collector, but the Wolvar were just pretty darn mean so I didn't want to side with them at all. I later discovered you could sell the vanity pets from the Mysterious Egg, they're not BoP! That made me very happy about my choice, and selling a Tickbird Hatchling for 2000g made me even happier. Oracles for the win.

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