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S1 Audio debuts litany of earbuds / mobile headphones at CES

Darren Murph

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S1 Audio has shown up in Las Vegas with a plethora of new items to share, so share we will. Right out of the gate, we've got the neck-friendly NxSET Music 1 and NxSET Music 2 models, which are joined by the similar Mobile 1 and Mobile 2 models add Bluetooth for handsfree calling and the like. Moving on, we've got the SuperBudz 1 and Hypnos 1, both of which take the more traditional in-ear approach and include in-line volume controls and a completely stellar Turbo Boost for instant volume increases. Lastly, S1's wrapping things up with its dual purpose BudBud line, which is comprised of the Solo (a mono communications headset that converts to stereo earbuds), the MP3 (morphs from a single pair of 'buds to two complete pairs via the piggy-back design) and the Mobile, which includes a microphone for yelling at that guy who just yesterday was considered your best friend.

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