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Sony, SanDisk announce plans for 2TB Memory Sticks, high-speed Memory Stick HG Micro


It's apparently not quite as far along as the newly-announced SDXC card format, but Sony and SanDisk have just announced that they're jointly developing a new Memory Stick format (tentatively dubbed the "Memory Stick format for Extended High Capacity") that'll reach the same dizzying 2TB heights as its SD counterpart. There's no more details on the format beyond that, unfortunately, but the pair has also announced that they're working on a new Memory Stick HG Micro format as well, which promises to boast a blazing 60MBps maximum data transfer speed. That's made possible, in part, thanks to a new 8-bit parallel interface with an increased 60MHz interface clock frequency. Sadly, there's no indication of a release date either of 'em, with the companies only going so far as to say that format licensing for both new formats is "scheduled to start in 2009."

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