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Square Enix to distribute Ubisoft games in Japan


Square Enix is seriously looking to expand its business model and target more than just cosplayers and yaoi fanfic writers. In 2008, Square Enix opened a new US studio, bid to takeover Eidos, and expanded its Xbox 360 focus. It expanded its role as a publisher in Europe, by publishing third-party efforts like Disgaea 3.

Now, the company is announcing a new partnership with Ubisoft. Starting April of this year, Square Enix will be exclusively distributing Ubisoft games in Japan. The Japanese have been largely reluctant in purchasing Western games; the Square Enix label will undoubtedly help bolster sales of Ubisoft's games in the region. We're pretty certain they'll like the new Prince of Persia and other classic Ubisoft properties (above).

"The global video game market is expected to maintain sustainable growth thanks to geographical expansion and diversification of customer base," said Yoichi Wada, president and representative director of Square Enix. "By partnering with the Ubisoft Group having a number of highly acclaimed titles, we can now work to provide high-quality overseas-produced games to Japan, thus invigorating the Japanese game market while strengthening our presence as a global leader in the video game industry."

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