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The wishing fountain

Allison Robert

I have a few alts on Sisters of Elune and occasionally browse their realm forums for news. I'm glad I did last night, because I ran across a thread that was surprisingly absorbing. You may remember a few articles we ran way back during Wrath's beta about the Dalaran fountain and the coins you can fish up there. They're brilliant, albeit tiny, little insights into the lore concerning classic characters in Warcraft, and incidentally they're also the subject of their own achievement.

The forum thread in question is about the coins your character would toss into the wishing fountain during or after their tenure in Wrath. Sisters of Elune is an RP realm, so naturally people came up with a lot of funny, poignant, and elegantly minimalist coins that reflected their character's history or possible future. The whole thread's great, but I particularly liked these:

  • Elithys Greyward: "Riches and fame mean nothing to me, little fountain. I wish that for once he'd not regret his time with me."
  • Mondo, a Blood Elf Rogue: "If found, please return to Mondo."
  • Valhelm, a Dwarf Warrior: "I wish all the lads'll stay in touch once this is o'er."
  • Eoth, a Blood Elf Mage: "Wishes are for fools too weak to change their circumstances."
  • Revbielde, a Night Elf Death Knight: "I wish he had died before me, with my blade in his gut."
  • Beren Broken-tusk: "If this well doesn't violently explode, I want my money back."
  • Malfos Sevenoaks: "May your naivete not be the death of you, dear brother."
I'm tremendously fond of this fountain and think -- no joke -- that it's one of the best things about Wrath, so I probably would have liked the thread anyway, but there's something about knowing your character well enough to intuit exactly what they'd wish for that I find appealing. The one that hit me the hardest, consequence of some recent events, was probably the heartfelt coin wished upon by a character named Clacygael: I wish things could just go back to the way they were.

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