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CES 2009: inFamous videos show off a lotta lightning

Straight outta CES, Sony's offering two videos of its open-world shock-em-up, inFamous. On display here: open-world gameplay, various lightning attacks, and some grating sound effects (bzzt bzzt bzzt!).

What's really got us, though, is this: Sony first revealed Sucker Punch's inFamous in July 2007 at E3, just one month before Sierra (now Activision) took the wraps off of Radical's Prototype, an exceedingly similar concept. It's like when two movie studios, operating totally independently, plan big-budget movies about asteroids colliding with Earth. Just replace "asteroids" with "super-powered dudes" and replace "Earth" with "Empire City" and "New York City" respectively. Just like it.

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