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Crossing streams: Ghostbusters game confirmed for week of June 16


It sounds like everyone is on the same page now about the Ghosbusters game release. Sony Pictures stepped on Atari PR's toes by revealing the June 16th date, coinciding with the Blu-ray release of the movie. Atari has since confirmed a June 19th date for the UK. Just to make sure everyone is in on the party, VG247 has confirmed with the game's developer, Terminal Reality, that it's "always been planning day and date release with the Blu-ray discs."

Terminal Reality chief Mark Randal says "it will be a huge Ghostbusters week!" That may be true, but how the company's game reviews and sells is a whole other question altogether. Randal wouldn't say if there would be a special edition game and Blu-ray movie box set. We wouldn't count it out -- but that would certainly move a couple units.

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