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DS headed for a Tokyo Beat Down in March


Remember Success's police brawler Tokyo Doujitahatsu Terror Wo Chinatsuseyo? Atlus did! In another wonderfully surprising Success acquisition, the publisher has announced plans to release the beat-em-up in North America on March 10 under the catchy title Tokyo Beat Down.

Players control an elite Tokyo police division called the Beast Cops, who rid the streets of terrorists and other criminals by beating the hell out of them. A true arcade-style brawler, the cops can "hurl enemies into each other, chain together combos, execute special moves and throws, and then let loose on your foes with an arsenal of firearms, ranging from the small to the obscenely large".

We didn't think we needed any more DS games in the next couple of months, but we were SO WRONG. There is always room in our hearts, wallets, and Penguin United DS game cases for an arcade brawler.


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